Black Marble Garland Kit

Designer: Bubbly & Merry

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Add a touch of fancy to your special occasion with our DIY Balloon Garland Kits! 

We include everything you need to make your balloon garland look like it was done by a pro, even if it’s your first time! And for some extra tips, we’ve included videos and resources that can make it even easier.

Kit includes: 

  • 70 balloons in Silver, Black, White and Black Marble 
  • Sizes may vary

Some additional tools you can use to complete the garland are: 

  1. Balloon air inflator - a huge lifesaver and we highly recommend it!
  2. Command Hooks for easy hanging
  3. Plastic strip to build arch (no need for fish line if you use the plastic strip. It’s either or)
  4. Fish line to tie balloons together (This is needed only if you’re not using the plastic strip)

Our DIY garland takes approximately 1 hour to build and is so much fun, it can elevate the look of any occasion! Please note that custom kit (colors of your choice) can be ordered through our creative services. 

If you’re using fish line string & hooks:

If you’re using the plastic strip & command hooks:

*These videos are not property of Bubbly & Merry